CSA Rapid Scan ID Program

The Authentication Service has a simplified program whereby a scan of your Confederate stamp or cover can be submitted for a rapid identification analysis. This is an opportunity to get quick answers to your questions about the proper identification of a CSA philatelic item without having to go through the lengthier formal authentication process. The cost is also substantially less.

The Rapid Scan Identification service is especially suited for e-Bay buyers and sellers who need a quick time-sensitive reply. Collectors with limited knowledge of Confederate material will also find this service helpful in identifying dangerous forgeries and reprints.

The Rapid Scan ID service is available to anyone who wishes to use it. Membership in the Confederate Stamp Alliance is not required. There is a charge of $3.00 per scan for everyone.

This service is provided by John L. Kimbrough, MD. Dr. Kimbrough is a Life Member of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, a member of the Authentication Service, a well-known and respected specialty dealer/collector/exhibitor of CSA stamps and postal history as well as the co-author of the APS 2003 Literature Grand Award winning book Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately.

Steps for Submitting an Item for Rapid Scan ID

1)  Scan your stamp or cover.

a)  The scan should be in color at a density at least 150 dpi. Format should be .jpg but .gif is also acceptable.  

b) Be sure to remove the item from the glassine, mount, or holder prior to scanning as these materials will distort the image.

2)  E-mail the scan as an attachment to Dr. John L. Kimbrough at JLKCSA@aol.com. Be sure to include in your e-mail message exactly what questions you have about the item.

3)  An e-mail message with an analysis of the scan will be returned very quickly (usually within 24 hours) providing that payment has been submitted (see below for payment method).

4)  Payment. Make your payment of $3.00 per scan through PayPal (www.paypal.com) to this e-mail address: paycsapal@gmail.com   

Note: The return e-mail analysis of the scan will not be sent until the PayPal payment has been confirmed.

 DISCLAIMER: The following limitations apply:

  • Please be advised that the Rapid Scan ID Program is NOT a substitute for formal authentication and should not be construed as a formal authentication service. The main purpose is to informally answer questions and provide as much information as the scan allows.

  • Scans submitted for Rapid Scan ID must be owned by the person submitting the scan. Third party evaluations without the knowledge and consent of the owner are not permitted.

  • Scan interpretation cannot assess the overall condition. That can only be done with a hands-on examination.

  • This is not a valuation or an appraisal service. No value estimate will be given for any item submitted for a Rapid Scan ID. But if the item is truly significant, or if all the questions cannot be adequately answered by scan interpretation, or if there is a serious question as to genuineness, then submitting the item for formal certification by the CSA Authentication Service may be recommended.

  • A scan analysis cannot distinguish between the various stones of CSA #1 and CSA #4. Distinguishing between the stones can only be done with accuracy by plating the stamp. Stamp plating is not available with this service.  

  • Distinguishing between certain color shades based on a scan alone may not be accurate. For example, it would be very difficult to tell a CSA #5 deep rose from a CSA #5 carmine based solely on a scan. This is an example of something that would be recommended for formal certification.

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