Replacement Certificates

If you have lost an old certificate or it is damaged you can get a replacement. Certificates that are less than five years old can be replaced by written request. Replacement requests for certificates more than five years old must be accompanied by the original item so an image of the item can be made. No replacement will be issued if the item has been altered in any way since the original certificate was issued. All replacement certificates will bear the same wording, number, date and owner as the original.

It is necessary to properly identify the certificate being replaced. If you have the old certificate or know the certificate number provide it with your request. If you do not know the certificate number contact Frank Crown (see below for contact information). In all cases where the certificate is more than five years old you must place a value on the item as this is the amount it will be insured for on return.

For certificates less than five years old the cost of a replacement certificate is $10.00 per certificate.  For certificates more than five years old the cost is $15.00 for items valued less than $2,500 and $25.00 for items valued at $2,500 and greater.

For further information contact Frank Crown at PO Box 378, Capshaw, AL 35742 or for further information.




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