The Confederate Philatelist

One of American philately's oldest and most respected journals.

The official publication for the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is its award winning journal, The Confederate Philatelist. The journal is sent to all members on a quarterly basis. In 2012, The Confederate Philatelist won a Reserve Grand and Gold for periodicals at the National Philatelic Exhibition (NAPEX).  Congratulations to Randy Neil (editor from 2008-2013) and all of our contributing authors. Articles can be submitted to For questions you may also contact our CP Editor Kathy Staples.

Here's a sample article from a recent issue or download the PDF file of the entire July/September 2008 issue of The Confederate Philatelist (25 mb).

Back issues of The Confederate Philatelist are available for $3.00 each post paid by requesting specific issues from:

Lincoln Kilbourne II
51 Spring St.
Keeseville, NY 12944-3521

Below are some sample articles from The Confederate Philatelist.

"The Athenaeum Prison in Wheeling, (West) Virginia" by Gen. Patricia A. Kaufmann (April-June, 2014)

"Found, Right Under Our Nose: The Lost Emory, Virginia Provisional" by Gen. Peter W. W. Powell (April-June, 2013)

"The Unintended Forgery" by Gen. Francis J. Crown, Jr. (October-December, 2011)

"Discovery Stories Revealed from Confederate Postal History" by Col. D. Thomas Royster (July-Sept 2008)

"The Earliest Known Usage of CSA #7" by Trish Kaufmann (January-March, 2005)

"E-Bay Auction Features R. E. Lee 'Postal' Order - Army of Kanawha" by Stefan T. Jaronski. (May-June 2004)

"The Hole in the Floor" by Galen Harrison. (March-April 2004)

"Once Separated - Now Reunited" by Conrad L. Bush. (September-October 2003)

"New Earliest Known Usage for the 5c Blue Lithograph Stone 2" by John L. Kimbrough MD. (March-April 2003)

"Entrenched Camp near Norfolk, Virginia" by Ian Tickell. (November-December 2002)

"A New Trans-Mississippi Find and a Lesson in Using the Internet" by Conrad L. Bush and Stefan J. Jaronski. (July-August 2002)

"General Robert E. Lee. Covers" by Capt James L. D. Monroe SC USN (Ret) (September-October 2001)

"The Siege of Jackson" by Tony L. Crumbley (Jan-Feb 2001)

"Nacoochee, Georgia Handstamped Paid Discovery" by Capt. James L.D. Monroe SC USN (Ret) (Jul-Aug 2000)

"Columbia SC Double-Circle Postmarks" by E. B. Cantey Jr (Mar-Apr 2000)

"A Soldier's Due Newspaper Wrapper" by Ian Tickell (Sep-Oct 1999)

"Kissed Off" by Conrad L. Bush (Mar-Apr 1999)

"Ligon's Prison Two Covers for One Letter" by Galen D. Harrision (Sep-Oct 1998)

"What Is the Latest Known Confederate Cover?" by James W. Milgram MD (Jul-Aug 1998)