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The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is a non-sectional, non-political organization for fraternity, research and cooperation among a choice group of hundreds of collectors of Confederate stamps, covers, and postal history. Its members' interests cover all possible phases of the stamps and postal history of the War Between the States, both North and South.

The ALLIANCE'S official publication, THE CONFEDERATE PHILATELIST, is published quarterly and sent to all members. It contains original articles on Confederate philately as well as news of the ALLIANCE and its members.

One of the important services available to members of the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is its Authentication Service. This panel of experts will issue a formal written opinion on any item submitted by a member for a nominal fee. Any authentication issue should be submitted to the CSA Authentication Service for formal expert review.

Each year the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE holds its Annual Convention and Exhibition, usually in conjunction with a national or regional show. Anyone who is a student of the War for Southern Independence or who collects or is interested in starting a collection of Confederate or Civil War material in any form will find that membership in Confederate philately's national society provides distinct advantages.

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Please accept our cordial invitation to join the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE and participate in the many varied activities in this fascinating philatelic field. All are welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE, just access the Membership Application Form below and print it out. The directions for filling out the form and mailing it are self-explanatory. Use the back button to return to this page. Current Membership stands at 629 (as of 1st Quarter 2015).

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