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A wonderful lithograph view of Vicksburg, Mississippi, as seen during the war era. An illustration from the outstanding "Civil War History of Vicksburg, Mississippi" website by CSA Colonel William Parks.

Commercial Sites

  • Longtime CSA Member Col. John Kimbrough has a fine commercial site filled with information and Confederate stamps and postal history for sale.
  • Auctions! Robert A. Siegel Auctions for specialized Confederate sales. Siegel Auctions is a strong supporter of the CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE.
  • Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions often have Confederates included in their auctions.  
  • Stamps and covers are featured in North Carolina, a website operated by Gen Tony Crumbley.
  • A catalog of autographs, letters, etc., Union and Confederate, is available at Gen Brian and Maria Green's website.
  • Col James Lee has a commercial website featuring extensive Philatelic Literature for sale. He is also a specialty dealer in Essays and Proofs and USA Fancy Cancels as well as USA and CSA Postal History.
  • A comprehensive list of philatelic resources available to all collectors can be found at Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resource page and at the new StampFinders pages.
  • If you are selling Confederate material---stamps and postal history of any kind---you should visit Gen. Trish Kaufmann's website and get in touch with her. In fact, her site is a great place to get acquainted with this lifelong contributor and leader of the CSA.
  • An auction that has recently featured Confederate material is Alan Blair Public Auctions.

Articles and Research

  • Richard Frajola has online versions of some excellent CSA Exhibits including exhibits on the Confederate States Navy, Blockade Mail and Mourning Covers.
  • CSA member Col. Leonard Hartmann has a website featuring Confederate Philatelic reference books and journals. He also is writing a series of articles on the General Issue Lithographs. Both the published and unpublished completed articles can be reviewed at the preceding link. Comments on the articles are solicited and can be made directly to Col Hartmann.
  • Col William Parks has constructed a very detailed website on the Civil War Postal History of Vicksburg, Mississippi for which he was awarded a Vermeil Medal at APS StampShow 2003.
  • Col Kevin Baker's website Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps is devoted to a study of the fake CSA stamps.
  • The CONFEDERATE STAMP ALLIANCE is proud to be a long-time Affiliate of the American Philatelic Society.
  • You might also want to visit the new "Articles" section of Trish Kaufmann's site which includes The Madison, Florida Postmaster Provisionals - Anatomy of a Postal History Research Project
  • Richard Frajola has a very well done site that addresses bogus Postmaster's Provisionals.
  • The Florida Postal History Society.
  • Rebel Dollars and Documents, Yankee Stamps - by Michael Mahler. On October 1, 1862, a broad tax program designed by the United States Congress to offset the rising costs of the Union Civil War effort took effect, including a detailed schedule of documentary stamp taxes. In a stance at once consistent and paradoxical, the US government considered these taxes payable also in the eleven "rebellious states" otherwise known as the Confederate States of America. This presentation shows, via intact stamped documents, how those taxes were collected. Okay, so this isn't strictly Confederate, but it is a rich, fascinating and heretofore completely unrecognized subfield of US Civil War era fiscal history. This presentation includes illustrations of 50 documents stamped within the Occupied Confederacy, and 45 more stamped retroactively after the war, as well as a census of all recorded examples in each of these classes.
  • Confederate Postal History of Grenada, Mississippi By William S. Parks
  • CSA member Colm Mitchell has a new website and blog on Confederate Philately.

Trouble Spots (A special section on Trish Kaufmann's website)

This site covers such common problems for those new to collecting Confederates as identifying Scott CSA #11 from #12, the London print from the Local print, altered plate reprint questions and more.

How to easily tell the difference between a #11 and #12
When is a TEN a NINE? Confederate look-a-likes and forgeries
Detecting forgeries of the Confederate "frameline"
Gum - a dilemma!
How to tell the difference between a #6 (London Print), #7 (Richmond Print) and NY counterfeit

Also: See the "Gallery of Curious Things: Counterfeits, Fakes, Facsimiles, and Reprints and the eBay Rogues Gallery."



Any Alliance Members with websites containing Confederate Philatelic information or items can supply the URL to Col. Bob Rufenacht. Related Links to CSA member's websites will gladly be posted on this page.

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