YearDate Location
1937August 28Asheville, NC
1945August 15-26Newark, NJ STAMPEX
1947May 17-25New York, NY CIPEX
1948October 22-24Richmond, VA
1950September 5-9Washington, DC NAPEX
1951September 26Toronto, Canada CAPEX
1952August 15New York, NY
1953September 23-26Houston, TX
1954 October 8 -10 Richmond, VA
1955September 22-24Norfolk, VA
1956April 28-May 6New York, NY FIPEX
1957August 22-25Tampa, FL APS
1958October 22-26Atlantic City, NJ SOJEX
1959August 20-22Greensboro, NC
1960September 14-18Baltimore, MD CHESAPEX
1961October 20-22Richmond, VA VAPEX
1962October 12-14West Palm Beach, FL FLOREX
1963September 20-22Newark, NJ NOJEX
1964September 17-20Washington, DC NAPEX
1965September 3-5Memphis, TN MEMPHEX
1966May 21-30Washington, DC SIPEX
1967October 13-15Atlanta, GA APEX
1968October 4-6Baltimore, MD BALPEX
1969October 24-26New Orleans, LA NOPEX
1970October 23-25Chicago, IL CPS
1971August 26-29San Antonio, TX TEXANEX
1972September 14-17New Haven, CT SONEX
1973March 23-25Williamsburg, VA VAPEX
1974October 25-27Memphis, TN MEMPHEX
1975October 31-Nov. 2Richmond, VA VAPEX
1976October 15-17Atlanta, GA APEX
1977September 30-Oct. 2Kansas City, MO MIDAPHIL
1978November 3-5St. Petersburg, FL FLOREX
1979November 10-12Virginia Beach, VA VAPEX
1980August 29-31Baltimore, MD BALPEX
1981September 26-27Columbia, SC SEPEX
1982October 9-11Boston, MA BPS
1983August 19-21Houston, TX HOUPEX
1984June 22-24Washington, DC NAPEX
1985March 1-3Richmond, VA CSA 50th Anniversary
1986May 23-31Chicago, IL AMERIPEX
1987November 6-8Orlando, FL FLOREX
1988August 5-7Charlotte, NC CHARPEX
1989October 27-29Kansas City, MO MIDAPHIL
1990April 20-22Nashville, TN NASHPEX
1991June 13-15San Antonio, TX TEXPEX
1992May 23-25Meadowlands, NJ NOJEX
1993October 8 -10Los Angeles, CA SESCAL
1994May 13-15Jupiter Beach, FL STAMPOREE
1995Oct 20-22Virginia Beach, VA VAPEX
1996March 29-31St. Louis, MO STAMP EXPO
1997May 16-18Denver, CO ROMPEX
1998June 6-8Washington, DC NAPEX
1999February 5-7Sarasota, FL SARAPEX
2000April 7-9Dallas, TX TEXPEX
2001November 16-18Virginia Beach, VA VAPEX
2002July 26-28Charlotte, NC CHARPEX
2003March 7-9St. Louis, MO STAMP EXPO
2004February 6-8Sarasota, FL SARASOTA NSE
2005June 3-5Washington, DC NAPEX
2006March 17-19New York, NY ASDA MEGA-SHOW
2007November 9-10Williamsburg, VA VAPEX
2008July 25-27Charlotte, NC CHARPEX
2009December 4-6Orlando, FL FLOREX
2010August 12-15Richmond, VA APS Stamp Show
2011April 29-May 1San Francisco, CA WESTPEX
2012June 1-3Washington, D.C. NAPEX
2013March 15-17Cleveland, Ohio March Party (Garfield-Perry)
2014February 7-9Sarasota, FL SARAPEX
May 13-16
London, England, EUROPHILEX
April 1-3
St. Louis, MO, St. Louis Expo
August 3-6 Richmond, VA, APS Stamp Show


The first mid-year gathering of CSA members, between the annual CSA Conventions, took place in 1966. Because of the seventeen months between the 1966 and 1967 CSA Conventions, Colonel Billy Matz sponsored a mid-year “CSA Bash” in Memphis in conjunction with MEMPHEX.

YearDateLocation & Host
1966November 25-27Memphis, TN


In January 1993 Col. Harry McDowell wrote to the Secretary, Colonel Rick Calhoun, and suggested that the CSA hold another mid-year rendezvous, between annual CSA Conventions. These gatherings have become quite popular, usually without exhibits, and often for CSA members and their guests only, to share camaraderie, and buy, sell or trade material.

YearDateLocation & Host
1993May 8-9Columbia, SC
1994September 9–11Charleston, SC
1995May 5–7Pensacola, FL
1996October 4–6Louisville, KY
1997October 17-19Savannah, GA
1998September 18-20Memphis, TN
1999October 15–16Athens, GA
2000October 12-15Richmond, VA
2001March 30-April 1Charleston, SC
2002October 25-27Chattanooga, TN
2003October 24-26Harrisburg, PA
2004October 29-31Asheville, NC
2005November 11-13Mobile, AL
2006November 10-12Jacksonville, FL
2007May 18-20Memphis, TN
2008November 14-16Charleston, SC
2009March 20-22Wilmington, NC
2010None Held
2011November 11-12Savannah, GA
2012October 12-13Fort Worth, TX
2013September 13-14Huntsville, AL
2014October 24-25Fredericksburg, VA
October 9-10
Asheville, NC
September 9-10
Memphis, TN

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