Annual Service Awards

The Confederate Stamp Alliance presents a number of Service Awards that are given at the discretion of the Trustees for service to the Alliance or for contributions in furthering Confederate Philately. These lists contain the names of some of the significant contributors in this area of endeavor.


Haydn Myer Award

This award, begun in 1952 in honor of Gen. Haydn Myer, is presented at the discretion of the Trustees for distinguished service to the Confederate Stamp Alliance during the previous twelve months. This award may not be presented to a member that is currently holding office as a Trustee.   Note: Until the 2005 By-Law change, Generals were also restricted from receiving this award.  The previous recipients of this service award are:

1952   Tom White Crigler, Jr. 1953  Thomas M. Parks
1954  Harry Weiss 1955  Lawrence L. Shenfield
1956  David Kent 1957  Van Dyk MacBride
1958  Harry L. Linquist 1959  August Dietz, Sr.
1960  Henry M. Spelman, III 1961  Thomas A. Cox
1962  Roland E. Hopkins 1963  Robert S. Phillips
1964  Earl B. Antrim 1965  Harry M. Hewson
1966  (Not Presented) 1967  Leonard H. Hartmann
1968  (Not Presented) 1969  Charles E. Kilbourne
1970  Robert W. Werner 1971  Jerry S. Palazolo
1972  Richard H. Byne 1973  Brian M. Green
1974  Patricia A. Kaufmann 1975  M. Clinton McGee
1976  Joseph Antizzo 1977   Charles S. Jones
1978  Robert M. Eldridge 1979  Morris Everett
1980  Patricia A. Kaufmann 1984  (Not Presented)
1985  (Not Presented) 1986  Sherrell Nunnelley
1987  M. Clinton McGee 1988  Morris Everett
1989  Raymond & Roger Weill 1990  Richard L. Calhoun
1991  (Not Presented) 1992  Conrad L. Bush
1993  Warren H. Sanders 1994  Roger H. Oswald
1995  Stefan Jaronski & Genevieve Gwynne 1996  John R. Hill, Jr.
1997  Jack E. Molesworth 1998  S. Frank Mandel
1999  Hubert C. Skinner 2000  Frank J. Stanley III
2001  John L. Kimbrough, M.D. 2002  Jerry S. Palazolo
2003  (Not Presented) 2004  (Not Presented)
2005  (Not Presented) 2006 Rex H. Felton
2007 Edward R. Joyce Jr. 2008 Ronald R. Tate
2009 (Not Presented) 2010     Stefan T. Jaronski
2011    James L. D. Monroe 2012    Francis J. Crown, Jr.
2013    Patricia A. Kaufmann 2014    Randy L. Neil
2015    Robert A. Rufenacht 2016
Schuyler Rumsey
John L. Kimbrough, M.D.



August Dietz Award

This award, begun in 1962, is presented at the discretion of the Trustees for distinguished research and writing in the field of Confederate philately. From 1962 through 1978, it was stipulated that the award be presented for articles printed in the Confederate Philatelist (renamed The Confederate Philatelist in January 1972). After 1978 the criteria was modified to include any article or publication in the field of Confederate Philately. The previous recipients of this service award are;

1962    Judge Harry J. Lemley “The Confederate Signal Corps” in November 1961 Confederate Philatelist<
1963    Robert S. Phillips “Postal Markings of Occupied New Bern, North Carolina -- 1862-1865” in October 1962 Confederate Philatelist.
1964    M. Clinton McGee “Southern Usages of the Star-Die Envelope” in November 1963 Confederate Philatelist.
1965    Earl B. Antrim “First Confederate Stamp. The Five Cents Green” in 1964 and September 1964 Confederate Philatelist.
1966    M. Clinton McGee “New Greensboro Provisional” in October - November 1966 Confederate Philatelist.
1967    Harvey E. Sheppard “Research Problems in Virginia Postal History” in May 1966 Confederate Philatelist.
1968    Robert W. Werner “The Manuscript Paids” in September - October 1967 Confederate Philatelist and “More Manuscript Paids” in September - October 1968 Confederate Philatelist.
1969    Harry F.  Rooke “Crazy Confederates or Bogus Adhesives” in January - April 1969 Confederate Philatelist and “Crazy Confederates or Bogus Adhesives, Supplement 1” in July -August 1969 Confederate Philatelist. Note: Mr. Rooke was not a member of the Confederate Stamp Alliance.
1970    Francis J. Crown, Jr. compilation of the yearly indexes for the Confederate Philatelist from 1960 through 1970.
1971    Brian & Patricia Green for numerous articles in the Confederate Philatelist.
1972    James W. Milgram, M.D. “Sectional Correspondence” in May-June 1971 and July -August1971 Confederate Philatelist.
1973    A. Earl Weatherly “A Confederate Find from the Land of Eden” in January - February 1973 Confederate Philatelist.
1974    Everett K. Cooper “The Strange Case of Dr. Paterson and Mr. Camman” in September - October 1973 Confederate Philatelist.
1975    Francis J. Crown, Jr. “Hamburg - Oglethorpe Provisional Challenged” in May - June 1975 Confederate Philatelist.
1976    Raymond Giron & Edwin Taylor “Florida Confederates, An Original Find” in May -June 1976, July - August 1976, and September - October 1976 Confederate Philatelist. Note: Mr. Taylor was not a member of the Confederate Stamp Alliance.
1977    Judge Harry J. Lemley Twenty-five articles, which had been printed in The Confederate Philatelist between September 1969 and March 1964, were reprinted in the John W. Kaufmann Auction Catalog dated October 22, 1977
1978    John D. Kohlhepp “Recent Discoveries in Civil War Prisoners’ Mail” in January - February 1978 Confederate Philatelist.
1979    Hubert C. Skinner “Notes on the New Orleans Postmaster’s Provisionals: Plating and Postal History” in the 1978 American Philatelic Congress Book.
1980    Henry Hensel “South Atlantic Blockade Run Mail” in September - October 1979 Confederate Philatelist.
1981    Brian M. Green booklet, The Typographs of the Confederate States of America.
1982    Morris Everett booklet, Confederate Handstamp Paids. Note: An addendum to this booklet was also printed in 1983,  Confederate Handstamp Paids Addendum.
1983    Brian M. Green booklet, The Confederate States Two-Cent Red-Jack lntaglio Stamp
1984    Richard Krieger & Francis J. Crown, Jr. Col. Krieger for his booklet, The Trans-Mississippi Mails After the Fall of Vicksburg, and Col. Crown for his book, Surveys of the Confederate Postmaster’s Provisionals.
1985    Stefan T. Jaronski “Postal History of the Army of Northern Virginia” in 1984 American Philatelic Congress Book.
1986    Hubert C. Skinner, Warren Sanders, & Erin Gunter book The New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook.
1987    Richard H. Byne book, Confederate States of America Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography, 1862 - 1984.
1988    Peter W. W. Powell book, Confederate States of America. Markings and Postal History of Richmond, Virginia.
1989    Conrad L. Bush video on collecting Confederate stamps and covers.
1990    Richard B. Graham articles, “The Knoxville 10c Postmaster’s Provisional: A Research Project,” “The Knoxville 10c Postmaster’s Provisional: Part 2. The Adhesive Stamps,” and, “The Knoxville 10c Postmasters Provisional: Part 3. Paper and Envelopes,” July – August 1989, September - October 1989, and January - February 1990 Confederate Philatelist.
1991    Benjamin Wishnietsky book, Confederate Patriotic Covers and Their Usages.
1992    (Not Presented)
1993    (Not Presented)
1994    Peter W. W. Powell booklet, Confederate Stamps: How to Tell the Genuine from the Counterfeit.
1995    (Not Presented)
1996    (Not Presented)
1997    Deane R. Briggs, M.D. Jacksonville, Florida, Confederate Postal History
1998    Galen D. Harrison book, Prisoners’ Mail from the American Civil War.
1999    Daniel C. Warren, M.D. booklet, The Two-Cent Green Lithograph of the Confederate States of America - An Inventory of Known Covers.
2000    Tony L. Crumbley North Carolina Postal History
2001    Richard H. Byne Confederate States of America Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography 1862-1999 Volume II
2002    Leonard H. Hartmann For distinguished service in the field of research and writing on “Lithographs” in the Chronicle
2003    John Kimbrough, M.D. & Conrad Bush Collector’s Guide to Confederate Philately
2004    Steven C. Walske Post Office Mail Sent Across the Lines at the Start of the Civil War May to July 1861
2005    Peter W. W. Powell Missent, Forwarded and Advertised
2006    Steven C. Walske article in the Collectors Club Philatelist, Civilian  Mail to and from the Confederacy during the American Civil War
2007    (Not Presented)
2008    Warren Sanders and Erin Gunter (deceased), Post Offices, Postmasters and Postmarks of the Trans-Mississippi Department
2009    Steven C. Walske and Scott R. Trepel, Special Mail Routes
2009    James W. Milgram, M.D. Federal Civil War Postal History
2010    Richard H. Byne CP indexing work for the Royal London Philatelic Soc.
2011    James L. D. Monroe A Lifetime of Collecting Confederate States of America Postal History
2012    Bruce Roberts (Five part CP article) Arkansas in the Confederate Postal System
2013    Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown Jr. and Jerry S. Palazolo “The Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History”
2014    Richard L. Calhoun “The Confederate Postmaster Provisionals of Baton Rouge, Louisiana”
2015    (Not Presented)
Peter W. W. Powell and John L. Kimbrough, M.D.
"Confederate States of America Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Century."
Francis J. Crown
"Uniontown, Alabama, Postmaster's Provisionals"


The Confederate Philatelist Writers Award

This award, begun in 1988, is presented at the discretion of the Trustees to the author of the best article appearing in The Confederate Philatelist since the last annual meeting of the Confederate Stamp Alliance. In June 1998 the award was endowed in memory of Col. John L. Hill. This award also carries a $100 prize. The previous recipients of this service award are:

1988 Earl Kaplan for his series of articles titled “The Use of United States Stamps and Envelopes in the Independent and Confederate States,” which appeared in the January-February 1986, May-June 1986, September-October 1986, November-December 1986, January-February 1987, and May-June 1987 issues of the CP.
1989 Stefan T. Jaronski for the article “Private Trans-Mississippi Mail Expresses During the War Between the States,” which appeared in the November-December 1987 issue of the CP.
1990 Richard L. Calhoun for the article “Inventory of Charleston. South Carolina Postmaster Provisionals,” which appeared in the January-February 1989 issue of the CP.
1991 Richard B. Graham for his series of articles, “The Knoxville 10¢: Postmaster’s Provisional: A Research Project,” “The Knoxville 10¢: Postmaster’s Provisional: Part 2, The Adhesive Stamps,” “The Knoxville 10¢: Postmaster’s Provisional: Part 3. Paper and Envelopes,” “The Knoxville 10¢: Postmaster’s Provisional: Part 4. Designs and Printing of the Stamps and Reprints,” and “The Knoxville 10¢: Postmaster’s Provisional: Part 5,” which appeared in the July-August 1989, September-October 1989, January-February 1990, September-October 1990, and March-April 1991 issues, respectively, of the CP.
1992 Herbert P. McNeal for the article “A New Florida Provisional: Jacksonville, Florida,” which appeared in the May-June 1991 issue of the CP.
1993 (Not Presented)                    
1994 James L.D. Monroe for the article “Blockade Mourning Cover with Frameline,” which appeared in the March-April 1994 issue of the CP.
1995 Richard A. Hall for the article “The Story of an Old Tattered Cover -- An Absalom Grimes Carried Letter?” which appeared in the July-August 1995 issue of the CP.
1996 Lawrence Lohr for the article “Salisbury, North Carolina, Military Prison: A Union Soldier’s Correspondence,” which appeared in the November-December 1995 issue of the CP.
1997 Richard L. Calhoun for the article “Fredericksburg. Virginia – Revisited,” which appeared in the March-April 1997 issue of the CP.
1998 Richard D. Norton for his seven-part series of articles, “Confederate ‘Official’ Perforations and ‘Private’ Separations,” which appeared in January-February 1997, March-April 1997, September-October 1997, November-December 1997, January-February 1998. March-April 1998, and Mau-June 1998 issues of the CP.
1999 (Not Presented)
2000 William S. Parks for the article “Confederate Postal History of Grenada, Mississippi”
2001 Thomas Lera for the article, “Semi-Official Imprinted Envelopes of Nitre and Mining Bureau”
2002 William S. Parks for the article, “The Anomalous Date of Vicksburg’s Confederate Postmarks”
2003 Peter W. W. Powell for the article, “The 3¢ Nashville Tennessee Post-secession Provisional”
2004 Deane R. Briggs, M.D. for his two-part article, “Jacksonville, Florida, During the Civil War: Confederate and Federal Occupation Use”
2005 Tony Crumbley for the article, “Company Shops, NC”
2006 Jerry S. Palazolo & William S. Parks for their article, “After Sucession and Confederate Mail service in the Yazoo River Basin”
2007 John L. Kimbrough, M.D. for the article, “Transatlantic CSA Patriotic Covers”
2008 William S. Parks for the article, “Corinth Postmaster Followed CSA Army to Tupelo”
2009 Lawrence Lohr for the article, “The Joseph Parry Correspondence/Salisbury Prison”
2010 Kevin P. Anderson for the article, “Confederate Laid Paper: Fact or Fiction”
2011 Larry Baum for the article, “Advertising Covers of Richmond, Virginia”
2012 Bruce Robert for his 5 part article, “Arkansas in the Confederate Postal System”
2013 Kevin Anderson “From Richmond to Columbia: Frank Baptist and the 1864 Transfer of the Confederate 10 cents Stamp Steel Printing Plates”
2014 Harry G. Brittain for the article, “Forensic Studies of the CSA General Issue Stamps”
2015 Clifford Alexander for the article, “Detecting S. Allan Taylor Confederate Postmaster Provisional Fakes and Fantasies”
Patricia A. Kaufmann
for the article, "The Largest Recorded Multiple of a Confederate Patriotic Sticker"
Patricia A. Kaufmann for the article, "Confederate Mail Runner and Spy Lottie Moon Clark and a New Look at the Undelivered Camp Chase Letters"
Kevin P. Andersen
for the article, "Demystifying the Stone Y Flaw"



Special Trustees’ Award for Sustained and Superior Service


Particia A. Kaufmann


Scott R. Trepel

Special Trustees’ Award for Superior Service


John L. Kimbrough, M.D.


James W. Milgram, M.D.


Jerry Palazolo


John H. Walker



Former Annual Service
Bruce W. Ball Exemplary Service Award

1975   Morris Everett