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Trish Kaufmann 2009Patricia A. (Trish) Kaufmann - Editor-in-Chief
Lincoln, Delaware

Trish Kaufmann is the Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History (CSA Catalog). Kaufmann began collecting Confederate postal history in her teens and quickly became engrossed in exhibiting, writing and research on the subject. She served as editor of The Confederate Philatelist, official publication of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, from 1973-1987 and co-editor prior to that from 1970-73, a total of 17½ years. Kaufmann is also well known as the co-owner / auctioneer / manager of John W. Kaufmann, Inc., the former Washington, D.C. philatelic auction house that bore her late husband's name. The firm held its first sale in 1971 and was closed in 1989, a year after John Kaufmann's death. Trish Kaufmann has resided in Lincoln, Delaware since 1991, continuing to pursue her passion for Confederate stamps and postal history as a retail dealer.

Frank CrownFrancis J. (Frank) Crown, Jr.
Capshaw, Alabama

Frank Crown, a retired U.S. military officer, began collecting stamps at the age of six and started collecting Confederates about the age of fifteen. His Confederate collecting focused on the postal history of Columbus, Georgia, but he also developed a keen interest in the postmasters' provisionals of Georgia. He published numerous articles on Confederate postal history and has edited several books on the subject including Confederate Postal History, Surveys of the Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals, and Preliminary Census of Georgia Postmasters' Provisionals. He has always had a deep interest in the 19th century postal history of Georgia. For many years he was editor of Georgia Post Roads, the publication of the Georgia Postal History Society. He also prepared and published the Georgia Stampless Cover Catalog and Handbook.

Jerry PalazoloJerry S. Palazolo
Memphis, Tennessee

Jerry Palazolo, a retail wine and liquor store owner, counts his collecting interests as Southern states postal history with an emphasis on the states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas from earliest settlement through 1869, as well as Confederate postal history of all areas. Palazolo has been editor and co-editor of various catalogues and handbooks relating to postal history. His philatelic and southern history library comprises over 1,000 bound volumes along with various runs of philatelic and historical journals and a large holding of most major philatelic auction catalogues.

Kaufmann, Palazolo and Crown closely worked together as part of the Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service. Palazolo was Chairman for many years, more recently turning that job over to Crown. Both Kaufmann and Crown did a stint as Recording Secretary. All catalog editors have served as president in the past and all three carry the honorary title of "General" within the Confederate Stamp Alliance as well accumulating numerous awards for research and writing. Kaufmann and Crown contribute to the annual update of the Confederate section of the Scott Catalogue and worked together as part of the Confederate States Postmaster Provisional Revision Committee for the Scott Cataloue in the late 1990s. Kaufmann and Palazolo also worked together as researchers for the National Postal Museum, a division of the Smithsonian, on their extensive cataloging project, "Arago", which was unveiled in 2006.

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