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A 21st Century Confederate Catalog - an illustrated and far more in depth look at both the history of prior catalogs and the marvelous changes in this 2012 edition.

The CSA Catalog sold out in less than three months through the Confederate Stamp Alliance but is still available from a few select dealers.

Compliments from CSA Catalog readers:

I received my copy of the new CSA Catalog & Handbook. I can't give enough praise for this monumental work. I wonder how you and your co-editors were able to find the time to oversee the compilation and still conduct your livelihoods. It is a wonderful contribution. It should elevate CSA philately from a now serious hobby to another level. I also appreciate the recognition given the other researchers whom have deceased while this work was being compiled.  It is a lasting monument to them. WP


I'm a little tardy in getting this off to you...but I've been damned enthralled with the fabulous new catalog that I haven't wanted to spare the (or had the) time to drop you a note about it. What is happening is this: I am getting a brand NEW education in full scale Confederate philately. Every night, as I read it---and believe me, when I am done, I will have read it word for word, cover to cover---I find new things I either never knew or never paid much attention to. I have an extensive philatelic library on all elements of U.S. and Confederate philately (I don't think you could name a book or
pertinent complete periodical run I don't have in this subject matter), and never have I seen a published work that compares to our catalog. You, Jerry and Frank are living legends. I'm in awe. God, what a job...WHAT A JOB!! RN

I received the DAC version of the CSA Catalog.  To say it was worth waiting for is a colossal understatement. My hat is off to the three of you who were the work horses and drivers of this massive project.  The catalog is an incredible achievement.  It must be very satisfying.  Well done!!! JM

My De-luxe copy and standard working copy of the new catalogue arrived on the 27th December. Just wanted to write to say you and your editorial team have done an amazing job.The CSA owes you a debt of gratitude.It is thanks to you and others who have supported you that collectors like me can enjoy our wonderful hobby so much. Thank you so  very much not just for the finished product but for all the time you have commited. JW

I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on a job very well done!  I received my copy of the CSA Catalog & Handbook a little over a week ago and have been studying over it nearly every day and the amount of work and attention to detail is exhibited on every page.  I know that this project was a daunting task, but the end result is nothing short of phenomenal.  It is amazing to me that it took only four years to create that which many lifetimes are spend studying and an incredible amount of this history pulled together under one cover.  The length and breadth of
coverage in this catalog & handbook certainly forms the nucleus for any CSA stamp and postal history library.  The quality of printing and format is spectacular.  This is truly a work that any student of CSA philately can truly be proud.  Thank you for all the hard work and long hours spend in pulling this project together! Thanks again! KA

Just wanted to let you know I ordered your new CSA Catalog book and received it. It's really a masterpiece! You and your team did a wonderful job and I'm currently reading it cover to cover like a novel. Massive kudos! RC

I received the new CSA Catalogue yesterday. It is indeed impressive. Only after looking through it (for several hours), is it possible to understand what a tremendous effort that you, Frank and Jerry expended getting this done. I saw a few familiar images throughout and look forward to many hours spent studying the contents of this volume. Thanks for taking the time and energy putting it together.  SW

I hope you each are "bursting with pride". The catalog is a remarkable achievement. It will set the standard for new catalogs in all aspects of serious philately. SR

Yesterday I received my copy of the 2012 Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History.  Congratulations to you, your editorial colleagues and all of the contributors.  A true masterpiece.  I am so impressed by the quality of the final product: its design, printing and content.As you say in your Preface, the new catalog is by no means a simple revision of prior catalogs.  Not even close. The new catalog most certainly stands in a class by itself. Thank you for all of your efforts. SS

My new Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook arrived yesterday and it is magnificent. Congratulations on a great job. I vote that we give you and your co-authors all the prizes for philatelic literature in 2012, stomp out any debate about it, and then raise a toast. FTH

Just a quick note to let you know that the CSA catalogue arrived today! I leafed through it immediately and I must say that it looks like a great piece of work. My compliments to all those who participated in this epic undertaking! TS

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